Evil Dead

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Horror film by Sam Raimi starring Bruce Campbell in the lead role. The story is a simple one. Five college students venture into the wooded mountains of Tennessee to spend a weekend of fun in an isolated cabin. Is this your standard weekend of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll? No...unfortunately, our heroes find the "Book of the Dead" (also referred to as the "Necronomicon Ex Mortus" in the two sequels even though it is not actually related to the book of that name from the Cthulhu Mythos), play a tape recording of demonic incantations, and unknowingly open a portal to the netherworld.

The "Book of the Dead", bound in human flesh and inked in human blood, contains the ancient rituals that cause the spirits of evil to awaken and possess, one by one, the poor innocent students. As the survivors see their friends and loved ones transformed into hideous, murdering demons, they learn that the only way to kill the possessed is to dismember their bodies.

Who will be next possessed by the evil dead?
Will anyone survive this night of terror? I won't tell.
See this movie, you won't regret it!!!!!
The Greatest Horror Movie of All Time!!!!!