Exeter, England

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Exeter is the administrative centre of the county of Devon in England.

There was a settlement on the banks of the River Exe prior to the Romans foundation of Isca Dumnoniorum in c.AD 50, building a defensive wall to surround the settlement. In 876 Exeter was attacked by the Danes. In 1068 the city was attacked by William the Conqueror, submitting only after a 18 day siege.

It was extensively bombed by the Germans during WWII in the Baedeker Blitz. In 1942, 40 acres of the city was levelled by extensive bombing by the German Luftwaffe: many historic buildings were destroyed, and the cathedral was damaged. The city has been rebuilt in an attempt to preserve its ancient heritage.

It has a football club which is represented at the national league level, Exeter City F.C..