Fast Show

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Fast Show is (was?) a BBC comedy sketch program which came out in the mid 90s. It was very loosely structured and relied heavily on long-running gags, often of a surrealist nature. Many catch phrases from the program have entered use in British English, and many of the comedians have now become household names: Paul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson, Simon Day, Mark Williams, John Thomson and Arabella Weir. The show featured many famous characters, including:

  • Jesse (and his strange diets)
  • Bob Fleming, the nature show presenter with an extremely bad cough
  • Rowley Birkin QC
  • Competitive Dad
  • Rude make-up woman
  • Ted & Ralf
  • Dave Angel, Eco-Warrior.
  • Friendly but naked newlyweds
  • Channel 9 (Scorchio)
  • Mr. Brilliant
  • Practical joke guy with red hair (Colin Hunt)
  • Arthur Atkinson
  • Ron Manager
  • Jeff the Deaf Stuntman
  • Unlucky Alf
  • Jazz Club (Nice!)
  • Suits you sir.
  • Painting in Black...Insane
  • Impossible Gladiators!
  • 'What year is this?' spaceman.
  • Mr. 'You ain't seen me, roight?'
  • The irritating rambler.

A great favourite of Johnny Depp ("An American Gentleman"). /Talk