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To a greater extent than classical VioLin playing, FidDle playing is characterized by a huge variety of ethnic or FolkMusic traditions, each of which has its own distinctive sound, including, but not limited to: IrishFiddling (with many distinct styles, including, for example, the DonegalFiddleTradition), ScottishFiddling, EnglishFiddling, AmericanFiddling (including OldTimeFiddling, NewEnglandStyleFiddling, CajunFiddling, TexasStyleFiddling, ContestFiddling, BlueGrassFiddling, and other related traditions), CanadianFiddling (including CapeBretonFiddling, QuebecoisFiddling, and others), NorwegianFiddling (including HardangerFiddling), SwedishFiddling, FinnishFiddling, and FrenchFiddling (including a rich BretonFiddling tradition).