Frank Herbert

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Frank Patrick Herbert is an American Science fiction author best known for the Dune series of novels which deals with themes such as manifest destiny, honour and vengeance. The film of the novel Dune, made by David Lynch, whilst severely flawed, remains a classic of the genre. Dune was later made into a 260 minutes TV mini-series by the Sci-Fi Channel.

Born: (date), (year), (place)
Died: February 11, 1986

Other works:

  • The Dragon in the Sea - a future war story about the psychological stresses on nuclear submarine crewmen (variant title: `Under Pressure')
  • Hellstrom's Hive - about a secret group of humans who model their lives upon the social insects (Serialised in Galaxy science fiction under the title `Project 40')
  • The Santaroga Barrier - A small community in California who consume food containing a mould with strange psychopharmacological properties. (Mind-expanding cheese, no less. And I am serious)
  • A series about the `Official Saboteur' Jorg X. McKie - `Whipping Star' and the `Dosadi Experiment'