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Re the Lennon - Zappa connection: Lennon released an album of a "live concert" entitled "Sometime in New York City" which apparently featured a guest performance by Zappa on a tune called "Scumbag".

However - this was not the true case, it was Lennon who was the guest - he performed with Zappa at the Fillmore East in June 1971, the tune being played was "King Kong" (by Zappa) and the band was the Mothers. Zappa simply gave Lennon a copy of the tape of the concert. The entire performance is available on the Zappa CD "Playground Psychotics" (track 25-26) and the band line-up is given, verifying whose concert it actually was. Zappa was furious at Lennon for releasing the recording under a different name, and also for giving himself a "writer" credit on a song that Zappa had written and released on an album in 1967. - MMGB

Thats true, except Sometime in NYC isn't a concert album. Its mainly a (very bad) studio record with a bonus "concert" disc. (oh, and Manning, I saw your name on a Zappa guitar tab I got recently, so cheers for that) -- GWO

Hehe - Cool! glad to see all that work is being used :) I spent COUNTLESS hours transcribing that stuff - which one did you get? - MMGB

Jazz Discharge Party Hats -- GWO