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This is a title index of all the entries at the Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, which we have been given permission to use. This page is to keep track of what has been incorporated into Wikipedia. Anyone who wants to help, jump right in. As entries are imported, simply add DONE after the link.

/symbols - B -- /C - D -- /E - H -- /I - K -- /L - N -- /O - Q -- /R - S -- /T - W -- /X - Z

A few notes:

  1. Many entries will have to be renamed, such as number-only titles (since we generally reserve number entries for years). For example, 8086 becomes Intel 8086. Also titles that clash with non-computing subjects will need new names.
  2. Some entries we won't need or want to import (we might already have the information in an article already, for example). In these cases, the entry should be marked as NO IMPORT, and the reason given.
  3. Generally, acronyms should be expanded. For example, the ISA article should be found at Industry Standard Architecture, with ISA redirecting to that page.
  4. If an article already exists on a given topic but the FOLDOC entry has information that we don't, it should be integrated with our article, rather than tacked onto the end. If our article and the FOLDOC one contradict each other, mention the contradiction on the appropriate /Talk page so it can be discussed.
  5. When importing a full entry, or integrating it with one of our current entries, it would be good to leave a note similar to this at the bottom: This article (or an earlier version of it) contains material from FOLDOC, used with permission.