French Rap

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France is, next to Italy and Germany, Europe's number one hip hop nation, and the musical phenomenon caught on in the land of Voltaire even before Italy and Germany, also due to France's immigrant population. Whereas in Germany, many rappers of Turkish origin are part of the hip hop scene, France has many B Boys and B Girls with (North) African roots. Some of France's most important hip hop crews:

IAM (Marseille) featuring members with (North) African, French and Hispano-Italian roots. Inspired by East Coast rap.

Suprême NTM(Paris) featuring members with Caribbean and French roots. Inspired by East Coast (hardcore) rap.

La Cliqua (Paris) featuring Rocca, bilingual rapper with Columbian roots.

KDD (Toulouse) hardcore

Manau (Bretagne) rather commercial group mixing hip hop with Celtic music.