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I'm not sure about the tone of this article. Doesn't this discussion belong under 'dimensional analysis'?

The Anome

Hmm, nah, I've added this new page as a link to the physics page under the "Concepts" paragraph.

Little guru

Yes, you did that, but the question is whether a link to dimensional analysis (and maybe adding some information to that page) wouldn't have sufficed.


And whilst we're at it, what about geometric algebra? (See for a discussion).

The Anome

I worked as a computer science technician in 2 different Electrotechnical labs, and I can assure you that imaginary numbers exist in the calculus of alternate currents. Is this what you were aiming to talk about?

Little guru

No, I'm not claming that complex numbers don't exist. I was talking about vector sums between quantities of different dimensions. Of course all of these notations are abstractions - do the natural numbers 'exist' in reality? How 'real' they (and all the other abstractions) are in physical theory has only to do with the falsifiability of their predictions.

The Anome

I think this material is (or should be covered) on dimensional analysis. Also, the tone is too colloquial here.


So what Axelboldt, you don't like having a [small talk]? once every while?

little guru

... and that we CAN NOT obviously add a Time measurement (say 5 seconds) to a Length measurement (say 1 mile) because it makes ABSOLUTELY NO sense.

It would make quite lot of sense. In fact, it's quite often being done in physics.

5 seconds + 1 mile = 5.0000053681938 seconds = 931412.99 miles.


Sorry, but i got to disagree with that Taw.

  • Because V=S/t where
    • V = Velocity
    • S = Space
    • t = Time
  • Because 1 mile=1.609 Kilometers
  • Because the speed of light is 300,000,000 km/sec that is 186,451,211 miles per second
  • Because of the fact that a light ray needs 0,000005363 seconds to "run" for a mile (that is 5,36E-6 in exp notation)

What are you adding?


5 oranges + 1 apple = 5.0000053681938 oranges = 931412.99 apples


We could become MILLIONAIRES? at the speed of light in selling fruit! (apples of course)



little guru