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"Fundamental force" -- wasn't that that old TV series with Mr. T? :-)

Which is the most correct term - '... interaction' or '... nuclear force'. 'Interaction' kind of implies a particle physics way of thinking. Just this needs to be agreed as someone has written a weak nuclear force article whihc covers the same as the weak interaction stuff. -- Na

Good point - I have a somewhat limited grasp of the nuclear weak force/weak interaction, but I felt that a bit of a stub might interest others in adding to it. (and if not, I've been doing a bit of reading on the subject, and figured I'd fix it up once I had my facts in order) The reason I ended up on weak nuclear force were twofold: 1 - that is the way I had always heard of it and 2 - the page that inspired me to create the entry was theory of everything and the author(s) used strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force so I carried through. Come to think of it, I only stumbled on Theory of Everything - I had always thought it would be grand unification theory. -- DS

Add to Fundamental force a comment on "electroweak force"?