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MtG: Did you do it to satisfy me or because it's better this way? --Yooden

Both, plus to satisfy me (I'm not American either). It seemed a silly squabble with a simple solution, so I did a small amount of research, and Robert is your father's brother -- GWO

Gareth, what really motivated you to write about Michael Foot - notoriety, or the football club directorship? --MichaelTinkler

Along with the declaration of martial law in Poland, the disaster that was the '83 election is one of my earliest political memories. I remember thinking how much unfair criticism he got because he was scruffy. Now when the media complain that politicians are too bland, too polished and too uniform, I can only think "You brought this on yourselves, and we're all the poorer for it." -- GWO

Gareth -- re Fulham FC -- Did Bobby Moore play for them before or after he played for the Hammers? also, shouldn't you mention that Kevin Keegan brought Fulham to the point where Tigana could finalize the promotion race? You could also mention that they're rebuilding Craven Cottage (the only Premiership ground still to have stands, I believe) and that al-Fayed sold season tickets for this year at last years' prices, which was totally cool (considering the large difference in ticket prices)...

Thanks for the fun stuff -- J Hofmann Kemp (Gooner by choice and Addick by marriage)

Crewe? You must be one of the truly faithful!! J Hofmann Kemp

Check the stats -- Beckham has really cleaned up his act since 88, I can't remember the last time he was carded -- plus, England usually win the fair play awards, and he's the skip...JHK

Through the fence, between the curling flower spaces, I could see them hitting. --KQ

Sorry, I didn't see your comment until just now. Sorry, I wasn't ignoring you. :-) I was partial to that "tale" many years ago & read it several times, but haven't had the time for it in the last decade or so. I did just dig out my Norton Critical Edition though & look forward to getting back to it. --KQ

We are in agreement re: NY Yankees. (Don't know about you, but it's hard for me to keep NPOV in mind sometimes.) d:^) --RjLesch. Usually I only slightly hate them, but I'm a Mariners fan, so I really detest them right now.

Go ahead and laugh...
Oh, OK ... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Man, is it easy to stay awake till 5am when watching the Yankees lose....

So what is a "shondell", anyway? --RjLesch

Um, where did I claim to be an anarchist? Oh, right. I claimed to be "a non-member of the Anarchists for a Better Past, Present, and Future." I can see where, if you were irony-impaired, you'd fail to see the joke, so I've expanded on it.

I hope you weren't oblivious to the irony in The Cunctator/How to destroy Wikipedia (note the "Be Overly Combative" section). --TheCunctator

FYI Gareth, today English Heritage announced that they had decided to abandon signing Cornish heritage sites with the English Heritage logo. This is probably due to the fact that as soon as they were put in a representative of the Stannary Parliament promptly went round and confiscated them (rather than a constitutional recognition)... The tide, however, turns, perhaps? sjc

"Confiscated"? Surely the word you are looking for is "stole".

No, there was no intention to permanently deprive. In fact they wrote and let EH know where to retrieve them from... sjc

Gareth, I suggest Popular music rather than Popular Music in keeping with WP custom. I'd do it myself but you seem to be working in there now. --Dmerrill

Well, I'm just working with what was there. The redirects make it a moot point, IMHO

"Fun with Dick and Jane"? Talk about a punch line that writes itself....--Paul Drye

Accidental, but I had exactly the same thought when I saw it in bold on the RecentChanges page...

Enjoyed "factoid". I never knew how that term originated. -- RjLesch