General Wesc

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Hi, I'm General Wesc and you're not. Neener neener!

I was born on 20 May, 1982 in Washington, North Carolina. Homeschooled up to college, I never suffered through public highschool except 27 hours of Driver's Ed. I'm never going near another public highschool again, thank you very much.

I'm currently a Computer Science major at East Carolina University.

I've been on E1 and E2 ( for about two years and I was in the first group of civilian editors, which I'm mighty proud of. Wikipedia is more of how I think E2 should be: a reference. I'm copying some of my E2 nodes here.

This is a scary place if you're a newbie. I wish there was an IRC channel somewhere where I could bug the elite with my insipid questions, but I guess talk will have to do for now.

Welcome to Wikipedia! There is a wikipedia listserv where more discussion takes place, if you'd be interested in that. --Koyaanis Qatsi

G'day, General! In addition to the mailing list, there are two places within Wikipedia you might be interested in. If you have a specific question that you think others might be asking, simply add it to the bottom of the Wikipedia FAQ, and someone will answer it. There's also Wikipedia chat, for less structured general conversation. Welcome, and have fun! -- STG