Georg Henrik von Wright

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Georg Henrik von Wright (born in 1916) is a (Swedish-speaking) philosopher from Finland, who succeeded Ludwig Wittgenstein as professor at the University of Cambridge. The last name is not pronounce rite, but rather like vrihkt.

G H von Wright has made several contributions in philosophy, he has also edited and published late work of Ludwig Wittgenstein, the last 20 years he has made several books about our current society and if our progress is really considered progress. One, maybe not published, work is entitled "Myth of Progress".

He was influenced by the philosopher Oswald Spengler and find out later in his life that Ludwig Wittgenstein also had read Spenglers work, and (to the astonished von Wright) liked them as well.

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  • The Logical Problem of Induction, PhD thesis, 31 May 1941
  • Den logiska empirismen, in Swedish, 1945
  • Über Wahrscheinlichkeit, in Germany, 1945
  • An Essay in Modal Logic, 1951
  • A Treatise on Induction and Probability, 1951
  • Tanke och förkunnelse, in Swedish, 1955
  • Logical Studies, 1957
  • Logik, filosofi och språk, in Swedish, 1957
  • The Varities of Goodness', 1963, considered his best and most personal work
  • Norm and Action, 1963
  • The Logic of Preference, 1963
  • Essay om naturen, människan och den vetenskaplig-tekniska revolutionen, in Swedish, 1963
  • An Essay in Deontic Logic, 1968
  • Time, Change and Contradiction, 1969
  • Tieteen filosofian kaksi perinnettä, in Finnish, 1970
  • Explanation and Understanding, 1971
  • Causality and Determinism, 1974
  • Handlung, Norm und Intention, in German, 1977
  • Humanismen som livshållning, 1978
  • Freedom and Determination, 1980
  • Wittgenstein, 1982
  • Philosophical Papers I-III, 1983-1984
  • Filosofisia tutkielmia, in Finnish, 1985
  • Vetenskapet och förnuftet, in Swedish, 1986
  • Minervan Pöllö, in Finnish, 1991
  • Myten om framsteget, in Swedish, 1993
  • The Tree of Knowledge, 1993
  • Att förstå sin framtid, in Swedish, 1994
  • Six Essays in Philosophical Logic, 1996
  • Viimeisistä ajoista. Ajatusleikki, in Finnish, 1997
  • Mitt liv som jag minns det, in Swedish, 2001