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"Deutsche Reich is the official name for Deutschland or Germany as of 1871 "

Shouldn't this be phrased in the past tense? since 1871 Germany has seen the weimar republic, the Nazi era, division, reunification - this article gives the impression that since 1871 nothing much happened.

I don't get the feeling that the guy thinks that very much has... --Branden

I put it in the past tense. I added the Austrians, who didn't care much for the German Empire (having lost a nasty little war to it). I dropped some of the gratuitous German language. Please,, please realize that Wikipedia is not a bilingual dictionary. We NEED an entry under the heading "German Empire" that explains this situation. We do NOT need an entry under Deutsche Reich. I can promise you, as someone who has spent 34 of his 39 years in academic settings, that even among the German-reading classes of the English-speaking world the phrase Deutsche Reich is not how we refer to Germany between 1871 and 1919. We call it "Germany" or "the German Empire," and that's where this entry should go. --MichaelTinkler

O.K., I've moved it all to German Empire, and created a link from History of Germany, which is a REAL mess. --MichaelTinkler