Geronimo Jones

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Wikipedia contributor.

Geronimo Jones is a made up name, of course. No-one would really be called that. Well, that's what i thought when i started using the alias in a few places to prevent getting spammed.

Later, i did a search on a search engine and got quite a few hits. Apparently there was a US movie in the 1960s called "Geronimo Jones". I haven't seen it. Also there was some medical student in the Carribean with that name had a personal web page. That was a couple of years ago, he's probably a doctor now.

Mostly i haven't been bothering to log in here. I've done quite a few very minor contributions, but they just have an ip address for an author.

I first came here after the slashdot article (February or March 2001). There wasn't much here then, and nearly all of it very shallow. There were a couple of areas where i could churn out something better than what was here with essentially no effort.

Now a few areas actually have proper articles. For the most part it doesn't feel as nice just to jump in and write without thinking or checking sources. But there is stuff here that is worth reading, so it is still a cool place to be, and may eventually become useful. Anarchy rules OK?

As of July 2001, we are in the midst of the second Slashdot invasion, and i have to say i am very impressed with both the quantity and quality of the stuff happening now.

One day i must go back and write a bit more of interstellar travel. But don't let that stop you from adding stuff there yourself :-)

Geronimo, please put that topic in interstellar travel possibly in a new sub-page. thanks, Mike Dill

(thanks Mike)

I just killed off the random page project (used to be on this page). I never really did it properly, and now people have automated scripts to count pages and estimate their encyclopedia-worthiness.