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Americans, visit, or call, your local American Red Cross, or blood bank, to donate blood. The immediate response briefly filled the blood banks to capacity by September 12; by September 18, the call has gone out for more blood donations.

Check with your local Red Cross and/or your local newspaper before showing up to give blood. Convenient emergency donation sites may be available. Also, some chapters that ordinarily to not use a reservation system have put one in place. Since donation is a rather time consuming process that requires trained personnel, there is a limit to how much blood can be processed on any given day. The Red Cross has indicated that the need for blood will be ongoing for quite some time. They are, incidentally, probably listed in the phone book under American Red Cross, not under Blood, Red Cross, or any of a multitude of other likely headings. (I am not a spokesperson for the Red Cross BTW. Anyone who is, is welcome to modify this writeup to say what needs to be said).

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