Gone With the Wind

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Gone with the Wind is a novel (later adapted into a movie)by Margaret Mitchell about the life of a southern belle (Scarlet O'Hara.)

Other major characters include Rhett Butler, Scarlet's main love, and Ashley Wilkes and his wife Melanie.

The story begins, and often centers around the plantation Tara in Georgia. The book opens just before the start of the Civil War, and takes us through the war from a southern perspective.

The original novel was published in June of 1936. It sold a record breaking amount of copies on the first day.

In 1937 the book won the Pulitzer Prize.

It was made into a movie and premiered in Atlanta on December 15, 1939. It was a ground breaking movie. One of the first to be filmed in color and to utilize special effects that were heretofore thought impossible.

Awards for the movie:

best picture in 1939.
1939 best actress Vivien Leigh (Scarlett O'Hara)
1939 best supporting actress Hattie McDaniel (Mammy)
1939 best director Victor Fleming