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11Aug01. On a lark, I searched for "patent nonsense" at Google with the qualifier. I found the wiki article instantly.

Then I looked at Google's cache of Recent Changes. The latest entry is August 15th! It doesn't seem to be evenly updated (its cache of my signature page is from back on June 8th), but I thought I'd point this out as an alternative for those who are dissatisfied with Wikipedia's present search capabilities.

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Yes, this is why Jimbo has put the exact same search as an alternative search on his search results page. Have a look at the bottom of [1] and you'll see the search form there.

Hopefully, we'll be able to impose upon him to do a bit more work for us before Thursday. I am rather sure he'll want to, because this (the NYT article) seems to be a pretty big deal to him (and to me, too, of course). --LMS

Would it be good to send HTML header Expires: as one day after Last-Modified: (Recent Changes) or one week after Last-Modified: (everything else) to hint to Google that some pages update themselves more often? --Damian Yerrick

Damian, I think that's probably a very good idea. I shall study it and implement it if it survives closer scrutiny. --Jimbo Wales