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Something I thought might be neat to have. Not a full dictionary, but just a list of some of the words that have prominent derivatives in English or other languages. This could be very cool if we ever got a Greek alphabet, and someone who knows Greek. (Note: if someone who actually knows Greek sees this page, please check the suffixes of the words below, I know of myself that many of them are little more than educated guesses).

Alphabet being used - a b g d e z ê th i k l m n x o p r s t u ph kh ps ô - plus h for breathing (the 'h' is not considered an independent letter in Greek, thus words starting with h are alphabetized under the second letter). Note that in general the Greek 'u' becomes a 'y' when the word is used in English or other modern languages, while a 'k' often becomes a 'c'.

anêr, andros man
anthos, -ous flower
anthrôpos, -ou, -o human being
astêr star
autos, -ê, -o self (reflexive pronoun)
barbaros stranger, non-Greek
bios life
graphein to write
gunê woman
dêmos district, its inhabitants, commoners
eu well
zoon [?] animal
iathros doctor
ikhthus fish
kakos, -ê, -on bad
lithos stone
logos, -ou, -o
to pick up, count, say
thought, word (verbal noun)
makros Large
melanos pigmented, black
mikros small
monos, -ê, -on alone, solitary, forsaken
neos [?] new, young
oligos, -ê, -on few, little, small
pais boy, child
polus, pollê, polu many, much
sauros lizard
sophein to know
hupnos, -ou, -o sleep
panall, complete
philos, -ê, -on
beloved, dear
love, friendship
phuton, -o plant
khaitê, -hê loose, flowing hair
psukhos spirit, mind, psyche


The table is nice but eta, η, had been é and omega, ω, was ó. based on Perseus. Who changed this?