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Grits are a porridge made by boiling hominy, which is coarsely ground hulled corn (maize to non-Americans). It is similar in texture to Italian polenta (which is made from ground whole-kernel corn). It is also similar to farina, which is marketed in the US as "Cream of Wheat".

It is a characteristic food of the American South, eaten either as a breakfast cereal or a side dish at a noon or evening meal.

Various tasty ways to eat grits:

  • With butter
  • With butter and a bit of salt and pepper
  • With butter, milk, and brown sugar (typical breakfast serving)
  • With cheese cooked in

An informal way of determining whether one is in the "Southern USA" subculture or not is by noticing whether waitresses at roadside restaurants automatically ask, "You want grits with that?" with every order.

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