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Here! Here! for the editorial. By the way, if you're ever in Houston, McGonegal's Mucky Duck takes about 4 minutes to pour an imperial pint. --Invictus

Is Guinness a beer first and foremost? Who is the book of world records named after? Does s/he deserve an entry? :-)

It depends on who you are and where you are from. If you say "Guinness" in the U.K. everyone will think of the beer first. Unless you are young, and can't get into pubs, in which case you will probably think of the records book first.

Even in the US, the records book is always referred to as the "Guinness's book of records". Though I don't frequent bars, but I think the short name "Guinness" is always the beer.

Yes, Guinness is a beer first. The Guinness book of records is named after the beer maker.