Hakka cuisine

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Hakka (客家) people are migratory tribes of ethnic Han people originated from central China. Their ancestors exiled themselves from foreign rulers such as the Mongols in Yuen Dynasty. Due to their migratory history, it is unknown if Hakka cuisine has unique characteristics or regional variations. Hakka wikis please comment and correct.

Some famous dishes in Hakka restaurants in Hong Kong:

  • Salt baked chicken - supposed to be baked inside a heap of hot salt, but many restaurants simply cook in brine nowadays.
  • Duck stuffed with rice - a whole duck is de-boned while maintaining the shape of the bird, the cavities are filled with seasoned sticky rice.
  • Tofu soup in pot - the tofu cubes are stuffed with fish paste.
  • Beef ball soup - very simple clear broth with lettuce and beef balls.

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