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Pretty good article on the Solar system. I'll check it with care :) AstroNomer

MtG: It's not only the missing 'US' but also the notion that the US is somehow more worth mentioning than other countries. I bet there are dozens of countries with MtG Championships. --Yooden

Re MtG: I don't know anything about whether there are national championships outside the U.S. I do know that the original author did mentioned the (presumed U.S.) national championship. I do not believe this was because the author thought the U.S. was "more worth metioning than other countires", but rather because the author was not well-informed about championships in other countries. If there are indeed national championships in other countries, they should be mentioned, either individually or collectively. Actually, it is quite possible that the original text may have been intended as a collective reference to national championships in many countries. It was your assumption that it was a reference to a U.S. championship which I followed in adding the clarification. - Hank Ramsey

  • I rarely hear a Merkin talking about 'Nation' and meaning something else. Maybe I am wrong in this case.
  • You don't have to be informed. If would have written it, I would not have mentioned only the Germna Championship. It just doesn't make sense in an international forum.

Actually, Americans use the term "nation" often in reference to other countries and to countries in general. When the term is used in reference to the U.S., either a definite article ("the nation") or a possessive pronoun ("our nation") is generally used.

Also, I think it is entirely appropriate for Wikipedia to include information that refers to specific countries or regions, including (but of course not limited to) the U.S.

The current solution seems to be just fine, thanks Gareth.