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Maui is the second largest Hawaiian island. It has a population just over 100,000 and is 727 square miles in size. The major industries are agriculture and tourism.

Maui was named for the demi-god, who, according to legend, raised all the islands from the sea.

Cities include Lahaina, Kahului, Hana, Wailuku and Wailea. It is the home of Iao Valley.

Maui is a volcanic doublet, built from two volcanos that were originally separate but which now overlap. The older volcano, Mauna Kahalawai, has been so completely eroded that it is no longer considered a volcano except by geologists. It common parlance it is called the West Maui Mountains. The newer volcano, Haleakala, rises above 10,000 feet and dominates south-eastern Maui. The last eruption on Maui occurred 200 years ago, and this lava flow can be viewed at La Perouse on the south shore.

Golf courses on Maui include:

Grand Waikapu Country Club
Ka'anapali Golf Course
Kapalua Golf Club
Makena Golf Club
Maui Country Club
Pukalani Country Club
Sandalwood Country Club
Silversword Golf Course
Wai'ehu Municpal Golf Course
Wailea Golf Club