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Made in 1989, Heathers is a cult movie in which three out of the four girls in a trend-setting clicque at Westerburg High are called Heather. They play croquet, (possibly the most vicious yet ostensibly civilised game devised by man), with each other and enjoy playing tricks on their classmates.

Veronica (Winona Ryder) is the fourth member of the privileged circle. She dislikes her friends, but stays in the group.

Veronica meets a new pupil, a motorcycle-riding rebel, Jason Dean or 'JD', who seems to offer a way out of Westerburg's social system. But JD (Christian Slater) is a teenage psychopath, and Veronica takes a long time to recognise this fact. When she muses that things would be better if the principal Heather were dead, JD makes that happen. JD's father, incidentally, is a building magnate who gets his own way by arranging for target sites which he wishes to develop to accidentally get blown up.

Heathers is a black comedy exploring teenage coteries as a model for satirising life after high school.