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Suggestion for a week end recreation: It would be nice if somebody could add little gif files with Hebrew characters as a third column. Kwaku

How would we upload the gifs to wikipedia ?

I replaced the truly silly

Technically, this should not be called the alphabet (as that is the first two letters of the greek writing system), but the aleph-bet.


Hebrew speakers call this alphabet the "aleph-beth".

"Alphabet" is a perfectly ordinary English word denoting a set of things of which the alephbeth is a marvellous example, and its use is therefore completely accurate and useful. This particular alphabet is called the alephbeth by some people, and that fact should also be mentioned. --Lee Daniel Crocker

Someone just added a lot of spacing in the HTML code. These spacing are added up by Netscape and displayed in front of the table itself. One have to scroll at least two pages down before seeing the table. I guess the same bug don't show in Internet Explorer.

Doesn't show up in Mozilla 0.9.5 either. I can't see anything unusual in the page's source code, either. What version of Netscape are you using?
I am using Netscape communicator version 4.74-20000706 on Mac.

The recent change in this article consistently crashes MS Internet explorer 5 on the Mac.

Hi everyone, I found at least one problem with the page and corrected it. Spaces before some of the <td>s were turned into <PRE>s by Wiki software thus creating invalid markup. It fixed the extra space problem I've had on IE 5.5/2k and perhaps your problems too. Also, the page uses odd names for letters, adding "h" (e.g. lamedh instead of lamed), I wonder why. --Uriyan

I moved here a sentence from Hebrew and also added a few things. --Uriyan