Hebrew numerals

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A numeral system originating using the letters of the ancient Hebrews. There was no notation for zero, and the numeric values for individual letters was added together. Due to difficulty in transcribing hebrew letters, the names are used in this table. The page at http://www.inner.org/gematria/gemchart.htm has a picture of the letters and a alternate way of writing the letter names, or see the entry for the Hebrew alphabet. The last five letters are actually 'sofeet' forms of the hebrew letters. (there are only 22 hebrew letters, but 27 entries in the table) The sofeet form of a hebrew letter is the alternate form used when that letter is the last letter in a word.

This conversion rule for words into numbers is used in a form of hebrew mysticism called Gematria.

Hebrew Decimal
aleph 1 א
beth 2 ב
gimel 3 ג
daleth 4 ד
he 5 ה
waw 6 ו
zayin 7 ז
heth 8 ח
teth 9 ט
yod 10 י
kaph 20 כ
lamedh 30 ל
mem 40 מ
nun 50 נ
samekh 60 ס
ayin 70 ע
phei 80 פ
tsadeh 90 צ
kaf 100 ק
resh 200 ר
sin 300 ש
tav 400 ת
kaph sofeet 500 ך
mem sofeet 600 ם
nun sofeet 700 ן
phei sofeet 800 ף
tsadeh sofeet 900 ץ

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