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Helsinki is the capital of Finland. It is located in the southern part of Finland on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. Helsinki is closely coupled to three other cities, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen, which are together called the capital area. This area has a total population of almost a million.

By orders of the king of Sweden, Gustav Vasa, Helsinki was founded in 1550.

Population (2000/2001): 555 474
Female: 53,7%
Male: 46,3%
Swedish-speaking: 6,5%
Foreigners: 4,7%

Area: 686km²
Land-area: 185 km²
Sea-area: 501 km²

Average temperature (2000): + 7,2°C
Warmest month, july, average temperature: +17,1°C
Coldest month, january, average temperature: - 2,2°C