Henry I the Fowler

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Henry I the Fowler (Ger. Heinrich der Vogler) AD 876-936, German king 919-936. He is sometimes also referred to as Emperor. First king of the Saxon dynasty, he succeeded his father, Otto, Duke of Saxony. His mother was Hedwig. Henry married Matilda von Ringelheim, who founded many religious institutions, including the Abbey of Quedlinburg, and was later canonized.

Despite early opposition from his fellow German dukes, Henry the Fowler was eventually able to persuade the Dukes of Bavaria and Swabia to support his claim to the crown. More importantly, he won their support for his son, Otto, who later became the first Holy Roman Emperor. An able leader, Henry was succesful in driving off Magyar invaders, and himself invaded the borderlands to the north, where he incorporated territories held by the Wends into his own kingdom. Henry's military skills and ambition helped him to increase his kingdom, into which he was able to incorporate the Duchy of Bavaria and the Kingdom of Lotharingia. His sons, Henry (also called the Quarrelsome) and Bruno (later canonized as St Bruno), inherited these (now both) duchies.

A daughter Hadwig became associated with Hugh Capet, count of Paris.(Hugh Capet ,father of king Hugh Capet