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Fr. Jonat -- I think it would be a good idea to review how Michael Tinkler et al. have been adding the names of saints and kings, so that you don't accidentally create somebody twice or get people with the same name confused. I'm still trying to figure it all out, myself! I think (the last time I looked, that people were creating saints without the "St." -- like Benedict, Adalbert of Prague, etc. There are a bunch of important Matildas in the Middle Ages -- and when you talk about any of the French/German nobility and royalty, they use the same names over and over again. JHK

I've been wondering about this too, and have opened up discussion at Naming conventions/Talk. -- Claudine

It does get confusing. I agree to creating the pages without saint . The first names were a very important part, they did not just name a person, because it was a pretty name. A name was like a royal title . Oftentimes the person had a different name in reality . But same first names were a family and continued the royal line. Only later last names were used . H. Jonat and yes JHK , the previous note signed H.J. was mine.

I think it needs to be more specific than "was associated with." Was she his mistress? Did she go to the French court and met him on the way to the loo? JHK