Herman Brood

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Herman Brood (November 5 1946 - July 11 2001) was a Dutch musician, artist and media personality. Herman Brood is the Dutch personification of sex and drugs and rock 'n roll.

After playing in Cuby and the Blizzards and several other bands since 1964, in 1977 Herman starts the group Herman Brood and his Wild Romance, with which the next year he has the hit single Saturday Night. But even more than his music, it is his open statements about sex and drug use in the press that make Herman Brood famous in the Netherlands. He enjoys this attention, and becomes the most famous hard drug user of the Netherlands. In the 1990s he takes up painting, and as a painter he is as succesful as as a singer/piano player.

By 2001, however, Herman's body is destroyed by alcohol and drugs. When it seems that he only has a few months left, Herman takes matters in his own hands and, depressive because of his drug rehabilitation, on 11 July he commits suicide by jumping off the Amsterdam Hilton.

Discography (albums):

  • Street (1977)
  • Shpritsz (1978)
  • Cha Cha (1978)
  • Go Nutz (1980)
  • Wait a Minute... (1980)
  • Modern Times Revive (1981)
  • Frisz & Sympatisz (1982)
  • The Brood (1984)
  • Bühnensucht/Live (1985)
  • Yada Yada (1988)
  • Hooks (1989)
  • Freeze (1990)
  • Saturday Night Live! (1992)
  • Fresh Poison (1994)
  • 50 The Soundtrack (1996)
  • Ciao Monkey (2000)

50 The Soundtrack is a tribute album for Herman's 50th birthday, on which he sings duets with various guests.

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