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From a powerful monarchy and empire to fascism, Spain has a fascinating history.

The following is a partisan comment of the sort that I (LMS) for one would like not to see on Wikipedia...

Modern spanish history is anything else than the history of their nations. Spanish state has been constructed on the opression of these nations.

Hay que ser xungo para escribir esto, capullos...

I'd have to agree with Larry. The comment doesn't distinguish Spain from the United States. <ducks and runs>

La expulsión de los árabes de España, conocida como Reconquista,fue iniciada por el primer Rey de Asturias, llamado Pelayo (718-737,)que, en los montes de Covadonga comenzo su lucha contra los invasores musulmanes. Posteriormente, sus hijos y descencientes continuarían con su tarea hasta llegar a la expulsión total de los musulmanes. Aunque no se se conoce con certeza el origen de Pelayo, todo indica que se trataba de un noble visigodo que, refugiado en las montañas de Asturias, lideró la rebelión de la mayoria de los habitantes del norte de España contra la invasión musulmana de la Península Ibérica.

I found this in the article. Could be nice if translated to English :-) --Anders Törlind

Here is a translation:

The explusion of the Muslims (I'm not sure they were Arabs - the ethnicities of the Middle East are complicated, and they were many tribes invading Spain) known as the Reconquest was start by the first King of Asturias, named Pelayo (718-737), in the montains of Covadonga started his fight againist the invading Muslims. Later, his sons and decendates continued with his work until all of the Muslims were expelled. While I'm not sure if it is known with certainty the origen of Pelayo, everything indicates that he started as a noble Visigoth the, in refuge in the mountain of Asturias, led the rebellion of the majority of the inhabitants of Northern Spain againist the Muslim invasion of the Iberian Penisula.

I didn't actually insert this sense it has what in English is considered run-on sentences. Plus, it could in general use some work to make it flow better and be in a more logical order. I'm not sure whether the Reconquista should stay the Reconquista or be translated into English - my Spanish history comes from a Spanish class. -- Eean

"Now, Spain is formed by 17 autonomous communities". Should this be included in a "history" of Spain, or in a broader article on the present makeup of Spain? In either case, shouldn't there be a list of these autonomous communities? -- corvus13