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Dynasty of Kings of Germany, many of whom were also crowned Holy Roman Emperor.

The proper name, taken from their castle in Swabia, is Staufen.

When the last member of the Salian dynasty, Henry V, died without an heir there was controversy about the succession. Frederick and Conrad, the two current male Staufens, were grandsons of Henry IV and nephews of Henry V. After the death of the intervening king, Lothair III, in 1137, Conrad became Conrad III of Germany, king and emperor.

Conrad III of Germany, 1138-1155
Frederick I Barbarossa, 1155-1190
Henry VI of Germany, 1190-1197
Philip of Swabia, king 1198-1208
Frederick II, king 1208-1250, emperor after 1220
Conrad IV, king 1237-1254 (under his father)

The last Hohenstaufen was never crowned emperor. After a 20 year period the first Habsburg was elected king and emperor.