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Aren't the rulers of Liechtenstein still Hohenzollerns? --corvus13

I don't you .Check http://www.webtop.com , I have to leave. H. Jonat

I do "you" -- the family name of the rulers of Liechtenstein is "Liechtenstein". They've been around for ages -- since the 12th century, I think -- mostly because of their impressive ability to look completely inoffensive when necessary. Kind of like a hedgehog. -- Paul Drye

I'm back. Glad that someone knows. All I know about Liechtenstein ist that they have the Silesian Black eagle (with the white stripe through the wings) in their crest. H. Jonat

Hi Helga --

I think that we should follow the conventions on the discussion page for historical names? Since many, if not most, English speakers aren't as familiar with German history before the end of hte Weimar Republic, I think it would be best to put the name and "of Place", like Albert (or Albrecht) Achilles of Brandenburg, or Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia (or Frederick William -- it's hard to say, because more recent sources use the German names, but 50 years ago, they used English -- on the other hand, Karl der Grosse is ALWAYS Charlemagne, and Louis the Pious is never Ludwig the Pious or der Fromme!). Let's see what the others have to say, and maybe look at each one individually -- because there will always be exceptions, like Frederick the Great (well-known in English). JHK