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Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Mammalia, Order Primates, Family Hominidae

Varying classifications are used in this area: sometimes only the members of the "Subfamily Homininae" below are included. Members of the Hominidae family are known as hominids.

Contains Genera :

Genus Pongo (orangutans)
Genus Gigantopithecus - extinct
Genus Pan (chimpanzees)
Genus Gorilla (gorillas)
Subfamily Homininae
 Genus Orrorin - extinct 
 Genus Ardipithecus - extinct
 Genus Kenyanthropus - extinct
 Genus Australopithecus - extinct
 Genus Paranthropus - extinct
 Genus Homo (humans)

Traditionally the forms outside of the Homininae have been placed in a separate group, the Pongidae. This turns out to be paraphyletic, so taxonomists encouraging monophyletic groups either abandon it or occasionally restrict it to Pongo+Gigantopithecus.