Hoover Dam

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The Hoover Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon on the Colorado River, about 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas named after Herbert Hoover. Built during the Great Depression from April 20, 1931 to March 1, 1936 at a cost of $165 m, it is 726.4 ft high and contains 4.36m yards3 of concrete. The dam was designed to control floods, store water for irrigation, municipal, and industrial use and generate of hydroelectric power.

The reservoir created was named Lake Mead, it covers 247 square miles and holds 9.3 x 1012 gallons.

The hydroelectric power is generated at the Hoover Powerplant completed in 1961, it contains seventeen main turbines and generates 2,074 Mw.

The dam and powerplant are operated by the Bureau of Reclamation.

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