Hopwood Award

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The Hopwood Awards

Under the terms of the will of Avery Hopwood, prominent American dramatist and member of the Class of 1905 of The University of Michigan, one-fifth of Mr. Hopwood's estate was given to the Regents of the University for the encouragement of creative work in writing. The first awards were made in 1931, and today the Hopwood Program offers approximately $100,000 in prizes every year to young aspiring writers at the University of Michigan.

Following is a list of the contests held by the Hopwood Program with a brief description of eligibility and prizes offered:

The Graduate and Undergraduate Hopwood Contest
Awards are offered in the following genres: drama/screenplay, essay, the novel, short fiction and poetry. These awards are classified under two categories, Graduate or Undergraduate, except the novel which is a combined category. Award amounts for this contest vary, but usually fall in the range of $1000 to $6000.

Summer Hopwood Contest
This contest is only open to students who take writing courses during Spring and Summer terms.

Hopwood Underclassmen Contest
This contest is open to freshmen and sophomores who are enrolled in writing courses.


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