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Suggested entry name: Study Guides

 (request for comments)

If you're not already familiar with a topic, it can be confusing when you land in the middle of an esoteric or technically dense article with links to a myriad other pages. These study guides are here to assist you in navigating from introductory to more detailed articles.

... blah blah ...

The Study Guides

  • /Mathematics
  • /Introduction to Philosophy
  • ...
 (note that I'm suggesting they be subpages, rather than top level; comments?)

The idea is good. The suggestion is overlapping with the how to and how-tos pages. Is any distinction needed? Anyway, I don't think there is any reason they should be subpages. -- css

I changed the (bad) example, since what I was thinging of had nothing to do with "how to do" anything. Regarding subpages... I'd recently looked at the Wikipedia commentary page, and I thought these "Guides" might be more opinionated than a straightforward article -- perhaps there might be two or more with slightly different emphasis, say "Adams's Guide to Math" vs "Betty's Guide to Math" -- in any case, sub or not probably doesn't matter. --loh