House music

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House may refer to a certain genre of electronic dance music. It was one of the earliest forms of the genre. The genre is split into a bewildering number of styles, some of which are described here.

Acid house

A Chicago derivative built around the Roland TB-303 bassline machine. Hard, uncompromising, tweaking samples produce a hypnotic effect.

Ambient House

Mixing the moody atmospheric sounds of New Age and Ambient music with pulsating house beats.

Chicago House

Simple basslines, driving four-on-the-floor percussion and textured keyboard lines are the elements of the original house sound.

Epic House

A variant of progressive house featuring lush synth-fills and dramatic beat breakdowns.


New York's version of deep house, named after legendary club the Paradise Garage. May also be called the Jersey Sound due to the close connection many of its artists and producers have with New Jersey.

Hip House

The simple fusion of rap rhymes with house beats.

Italo House

Slick production techniques, catchy melodies, rousing piano lines and American vocal styling typifies the Italian House sound.

New York

Club New York's uptempo dance music, referred to simply as club music by some.

Pop House

The use of house production styles to make traditional pop artists more acceptable on the dancefloor results in the pop house phenomenum.

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