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Talk about how to edit a page here!

This is the /Talk page for the how does one edit a page page. Don't know what a "talk page" is? See Talk Page.

The /Quick reference page is concise and helpful, especially with the code producing the results to the left showing already. I like it. --KQ

Best solution yet! --StefanRybo

Yes, I like it a lot. If somebody would just complete the feature list (headers, for example, are missing), I think we should replace the relevant part of how does one edit a page with this. --LMS

Please everyone add missing features here:

  • headers
  • ascii art integrals
  • ...

Where is the discussion of how to create sub-pages, and how to refer to sub pages in links? Also, what are appropriate Sub-pages?

How do I redirect a link to another page - for instance, how to I get all links to CIA to point to Central Intelligence Agency? -- Robert Merkel

To redirect an article, make the entry #REDIRECT [[the name of the article you want the article you're editing to be redirected to]] --KQ

Why doesn't someone revamp the how does one edit a page page with the "quick reference"? The latter is clearly better than the old page. Don't be shy, just do it. --LMS

I just removed the following example from the definition list section:


The reason is that neither pear nor apple can serve as the definition of "fruit". The article already contains an example which makes the usage of definition lists clear. The additional indented "apple" has nothing to do with definition lists. --AxelBoldt