How to add content to Wikipedia with minimal effort

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A list of things that every contributor to Wikipedia can do with minimal effort, but that will make a great difference to the project in the long run. Please add more ideas

  • What's the bet that most of you attended some sort of university or college? Go to your alma mater's website to get the basic data, then write it up at Colleges and universities.
  • You live in a country, right? Countries of the world needs a lot of wikifying.
  • Within that country, maybe you're in a city? Check if it's listed in City listing and fill in the details if not. But be fair - if you live in a one-horse town and the horse died last year, start up a Town listing instead.
  • Use this link to look up who was born, who died and what else happened on your birthdate: . Now go and fill all that in at Historical anniversaries. And if you feel really industrious, go and crosslink each one of those in Year in Review Note: I followed my own advice -- see February 11 for what is possible. Did you know that so many composers even existed?
  • Are you some kind of sports fan - particularly a less well-known sport? Write an article about it, or fix up an existing article!

Any more ideas? Add them!