How to play the violin

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This page is part of Wikipedia, a collaborative encyclopedia project; you can contribute tips on how to play the violin. Violinists, please click here to edit this page.

On this page, we'd like to see tips on how to play the violin.

  • When holding the neck of your violin, ensure your wrist is curved and your posture is perfect in order to create a rich tone.
  • Make sure your left wrist does not 'collapse'. You should support your violin with your neck and shoulder. You left hand must be free to move.
  • Keep your fingernails trimmed short. You should depress the strings with the tips of your left hand, and you can't do that with long nails.
  • Your bow should move perpendicular to the strings. Lead your bow with your right wrist. The stick of the bow should be slightly tilted toward the fingerboard (away from your face).
  • Your bow should move between the fingerboard and the bridge. When closer to the bridge, it will be louder. Play closer to the fingerboard to play more quietly.
  • When playing quiet sections of music, keep using all the bow but press down lighter.

Practice! Practice! Practice!