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I agree with, who added the abortion link back into the article. In fact, I'd put it right under pregnancy. But it's extremely disingenuous to ignore the link between abortion and sexuality. <>< tbc

LOL. That was my opinion. :-) Western society must be the first in history to de-couple sexuality from a link with pregnancy. (I'd put abortion with Birth control/Contraception on the page, myself, but I think we should leave it as a "see also" for now.)

Our high intelligence and complex societies have produced in us the most complicated sexual behaviors of any animal.

That's very subjective opinion. Compared to other animals, human sexuality is quite simple. You know - you need just a male and a female and ... done :) Many important aspects of normal animal sexuality like estrus, sexual demonstrations, fighting between males before any copulation, eating partner or partner's previous children don't exist or exist only in very reduced form in humans. --Taw

Tush. I revised it and put it back on the page - hopefully the new version is less mantis-bashing  :-). And I think most of the behaviors you list are present in humans in an attenuated or sublimated form.
And -- many aspects of (well, maybe not important and maybe not normal) human sexuality such as high-heel shoes, alimony, Queer theory, contraception, de Sade (yeesh), red sports cars, panty raids, hentai (need I go on? :-) ) don't exist in animals.