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1. The ninth letter in the latin alphabet, I comes from the Greek Ι or ι (Iôta) stood for the vowel /i/, the same in Etruscan, in Latin (as in Modern Greek) /j/ (as English Y in YOKE) was added. In Semitic, /j/ was the usual sound value of Jôd (probably originally a pictogram for an arm with hand), /i/ only in foreign words. In English, I represents different sounds, among them a diphthong that developed from /i:/ as well as short, open /I/ as in BILL.

2. The pronoun that is used in the English language by a person to refer to himself or herself.

3. In chemistry, I is the atomic symbol for Iodine.

4. In mathematics, the letter i is used for the imaginary unit, a complex number whose square is -1.