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IA32 is the instruction set architecture for the Intel 80386 compatible series of microprocessorss. This set is implemented in all x86 CPUs newer than the 80386.

Each generation of CPUs since has added several features to this set:

  • The 80486 added a Floating Point Unit of its own that enabled it to do floating point calculations via hardware.
  • Pentium MMX added a set of extensions called MMX that can be used, among other things, to optimize multimedia software running on it.
  • Pentium III adding SSE (Streaming SIMD Extensions)

Real Mode Instructions (8086/8088 compatibility) are:

aaa, aad, aam, aas, adc, add, and, call, cbw, clc, cld, cli, cmc, cmp, cmpsb, smpsw, cwd, daa, das, dec, div, esc, hlt, idiv, imul, in, inc, int, into, iret, jajae, jb, jbe, jc, jcxz, je, jg, jge, jl, jle, jmp, jna, jnae, jnb, jnbe, jnc, jne, jng, jnge, jnlm, jnle, jno, jnp, jns, jnz, jo, jp, jpe, jpo, js, jz, lahf, lds, lea, les, lock, lodsb, lodsw, loop, loope, loopne, loopnz, loopz, mov, movsb, movsw, mul, neg, nop, not, or, out, pop, popf, push, push, puchf, rcl, rcr, rep, repe, repne, repnz, repz, ret, rol, ror, sahf, sal, sar, sbb, scasb, scasw, shl, shr, stc, std, sti, stosb, stosw, sub, test, wait, xchg, xlat, xor (please de-typo)

this is the full 8086-8088 instruction set (I think), but most, if not all of these instructions are available in 32-bit mode, they just operate on 32 bit registers (eax, ebx, etc) and values instead of the ir 16-bit (ax, bx, etc) couterparts

Real Mode Instructions may be forthcoming.

32-bit Mode Instructions (IA32)