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Like the rest of South Asia, India has stagnated economically since independence in 1947, while countries in nearby South-East Asia and East Asia have made remarkable strides in wealth creation.

Actually, Sri Lanka started privatizing, and opening up it's market, in the late 1970s, and India was not far behind. Now, even the communist parties talk about how to make this transition well (though they're still opposed, in principle).

Is the Indus Valley cradle of the ancient civilization mentioned in the article now part of Pakistan?

India used to be a great colonial master herself, the days of the Mauryas.

I'm not familiar with this: Who was a colony of whom?

Since Transnational Issues has grown out of its dark CIA past, it should be put on its own page. However, I think Transnational Issues of India is kind of cumbersome. Any ideas? - Eean