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This page should be renamed, I think. "Indian Removal" is not a proper name. I'm not sure what the title of the article should be, though. --LMS

Hmmmm. The Removal is the term my Cherokee friends use of the general phenomenon, while their own experience is more specifically called The Trail of Tears. --MichaelTinkler

"Indian Removal" is what historians call the process of moving various tribes from areas which had been taken over either by force or treaty by the U. S. and placed in an area usually less populated by U. S. citizens. It was predominant during the 1800's up to about the 1880's. Examples are the Cherokee tribe being moved from the southern Appalacians of Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina to what is now northeastern Oklahoma, the Apache being moved from Arizona to Oklahoma and New Mexico and the Osage from Kansas to Oklahoma. There is a good older book by Grant Foreman called Indian Removal in which he talks about the various tribes and their removals to the west. Unlike the article implies, it was more than just the Five Civilized Tribes which were involved.