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Could somebody describe Satem/Centum division and basic reconstructed grammar of PIE ? Taw

I changed the reference to Nostratic from its previous form, which was along the lines of "Indo-European languages may belong to a superfamily called Nostratic". The consensus is that the Nostratic hypothesis is disproven, but then I was also loathe to removed the link to one of the articles I wrote :) So I just changed it to a "See also". I rationalize that on the basis that there's some discussion of how PIE was reconstructed there. -- Paul Drye

What pockets of non-Indo-European languages are left in Europe? Is the basque language the only one? --AxelBoldt

The [Finno-Ugric languages] such as Hungarian, Finnish, and Saami (Lapp) languages are also non-Indo-European

Estonian is also Finno-Ugric and related to Finnish H. Jonat

Turkish language is not Indoeuropean iirc. --Taw

You're right. However, it barely counts as European either. But it should probably be included for completeness. Also Maltese. --Zundark, 2001 Dec 6