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Allowing a single page to include another page is a great feature. It would not be a good idea to allow more than one level of inclusion (too much cpu).

One of the point of a Wikipedia is to offer several viewpoints on the same subjects.

On the same time, facts, data or original quotations could be used several times in various places or in various arrangements.

I think we should have a way to insert pages (and subpages) into others so that we can build lively selections out of correctly separated items.

One application could be the Constitution of the United States: we could build a version with every article separated as it is today, and another including inline all the subpages for people wanting to read it through without clicking.


Can you elaborate, please? I don't understand the suggestion yet. -- Larry Sanger

See MeatBall:InternalTransclusion.

This MeatBall article, is quite close to what I had in mind. --OprgaG