Inspector Morse

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Series of 13 mysteries by British author Colin Dexter.

The titles are:

  • Last Bus to Woodstock, 1975
  • Last Seen Wearing, 1976
  • Silent World of Nicholas Quinn, 1977
  • Service of All the Dead, 1979
  • The Dead of Jerico, 1981
  • The Riddle of the Third Mile, 1983
  • The Secret of Annexe 3, 1986
  • The Wench is Dead, 1989
  • The Jewel That Was Ours, 1991
  • The Way Through the Woods, 1992
  • The Daughters of Cain, 1994
  • Death is Now My Neighbor, 1996
  • The Remorseful Day: The Final Inspector Morse Novel, 2000

Just like Arthur Conan Doyle Dexter killed his main character in the last book.

The Inspector Morse novels have been made into a very successful TV series by the British TV channel Carlton. The Inspector himself is played by John Thaw and the faithful Sergeant Lewis by Kevin Whately. Dexter makes a cameo appearance in each of the episodes. See the official web site of the TV series at

It is primarly the personality of the main character that makes the Inspector Morse novels so successful. With his beautiful Jaguar, beer, snobbery, and penchant for Wagner, he is a likable person.